What Is PTE Exam

What Is PTE Exam: Types, Eligibility, Fee, Exam Structure

Do you know What is the complete form of the PTE Exam? The full form of the PTE test is the Pearson Test of English, which is conducted to analyse candidates’ spoken and written English abilities. The primary goal of the PTE exam is to examine a candidate’s ability to communicate and speak in the English language, which is spoken and understood by all people worldwide, to determine whether they would succeed and study abroad. 

In this blog, we will discuss lots of topics related to the PTE Exam, like what is the process of the PTE exam, what is PTE exam fee, what PTE is an exam for Canada and Australia, what is PTE exam pattern, what documents required for PTE exam, what should we carry for PTE exam, what exactly is necessary for PTE exam and so on.

Types Of PTE Exam

There are three formats available for the PTE exam: PTE Academic, PTE General, and PTE Young Learners.

  1.  PTE Academic: 

This test can be taken whenever it is suitable for the test-taker and on the best dates. This test format examines the candidate’s reading, Writing, speaking, and listening abilities. In a secure testing facility, the exam is administered using a computer. For two years, the results are still valid.

  1.  PTE General:

You have three opportunities to take this test each year in May, June, and December. On the official PTE website, you may view the dates that are accessible. This test consists of two sections: a written paper and a spoken test, similar to an interview. Using a more realistic approach, both portions assess the test-reading, taker’s writing, speaking, and listening abilities. The test’s six proficiency levels are intended to evaluate and assess the test-general taker’s English language proficiency. The result is good for life.

  1. PTE Young Learners:

Children between the ages of 6 and 13 can take this test. It contains composing short stories, picture matching, a portion of group speaking, and a board game called Tec. A good test, in fact, and the result is good for life.

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What Is the PTE Exam Pattern?

In addition to speaking and Writing, the PTE exam format includes components that test applicants’ reading and listening abilities. Your results will be delivered to you within as little as 5 days, and unlike the GRE, there is no limit on the number of universities to which scores may be sent. One mark is given for each correct response, but there are no deducting points for wrong answers.

Speaking & Writing (77-93 minutes)

The PTE exam’s Academic Speaking and Writing Section measures a candidate’s speaking and writing abilities equally, unlike the IELTS and TOEFL. The writing section examines the written content using various techniques, while the speaking Section asks questions focused on communication in an academic learning context. The 8 testing sections are listed below:

Reading (32-40 minutes)

Listening (45-57 minutes)

What Is The Cost Of A PTE Exam

The average price of the PTE Academic exam is INR 15,900. If candidates plan their PTE exam less than 48 hours before the PTE test date, they must pay a PTE Late Booking Fee.

What Documents Required For PTE Exam

The following two documents are essential for registration and attendance at the PTE:

  • Your ID card
  • Your nationality ID
  • Always ensure that the information you supply for PTE registration matches your passport’s personal data. 

Otherwise, you risk losing your exam spot or your fee if there is any mismatch.

What To Do Before PTE Exam: Tips

The PTE or English proficiency examinations can seem overwhelming if this is your first time taking one. Here are the five tips which are helpful for your preparation:

Know your target score

Knowing your present level of English proficiency and the PTE score you need to reach is an excellent starting point.

Our Scored Practice Tests will assist you in understanding the score that you may receive on the exam. Additionally, it gives you detailed results for each of the four communicative skills—listening, reading, speaking, and writing—so you can see where you need to make changes to get the score you want.

Understand the test format

Spend some time getting familiar with PTE Academic’s format. It is essential to understand its structure and the kinds of inquiries you should assume if you want to perform well.

Explore each test part, such as Writing and Speaking in Part 1

Reading in the second and Listening in the finale.

Understand the test’s scoring system

The PTE Academic uses 100% machine scoring for all questions, ensuring fairness, accuracy, and consistency in all test results. Each test taker receives a score, ranging from 10 to 90, indicating their level of English ability.

Choose your preparation resources

Many preparation resources are available for the PTE Exam, such as online courses, official practice books, official coursebooks, youtube videos, and so on.

Tips for test day

Here are the tips which are beneficial for test day

Before the test

  • Make sure you bring the proper identification and documents to the test centre.
  • To go to the test location timely.

During the test

  • Carefully read the test instructions.
  • Use appropriate punctuation while writing assignments, such as full stops, capital letters, commas, etc.
  • Answer to the question. 
  • When writing assignments, stay true to the word limit.
  • When performing speaking responsibilities, speak continuously and quickly. After three seconds of silence, the microphone will close, and the recording will end.
  • Stay focused on a particular issue.
  • Any time you have left over, check your responses.

What Does PTE ID In Exam

Do you know what a PTE ID is, and How can I get a PTE ID? Well, The PTE ID is another name for the PTE test reference number. This number can be found on your PTE score report to the right of your photo. Along with your overall PTE score, it is also printed vertically on the right side of your PTE score report. 

Open a Pearson account by registering: To start the PTE login account creation procedure, click the button for account creation. Include your preferred username, password, and details in the form. Tick all the boxes.

What Is The Order Of The PTE Exam

These questions come to your mind: Which test is taken first?

The PTE Exam is divided into 3 parts. First, one is speaking and writing, the second is Reading, and the last is Listening. This test occurs according to its sequence. In the first part, you attempt the Writing and speaking Section, and its timing is 54 – 67 minutes. After this, you attempt the Reading test, and its timing is 29-30 minutes. In the last part, you try the Listening Section, and its timing is 30-43 minutes.

What should we carry for the PTE Exam? This question also comes to your mind. Right. So, When you arrive for your test at the test centre, you must bring a valid form of identification (ID).

What Is The PTE Exam For Australia?

A PTE (Pearson Test of English)   academic English proficiency test, with results typically available in five business days, is used for immigration and study abroad. It’s one of the exams that the Australian government will accept in the course of processing visa applications.

You must receive a PTE Academic score of at least 42 to qualify for an Australian student visa. However, if you enrol in at least 10 weeks of English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students, a score of 36 is required (ELICOS). Your ELICOS score of 30 will be approved if you finish at least 20 weeks of the programme.

What Is The PTE Exam For Canada?

The leading English language testing company in Canada is PTE Academic. It is the most excellent option to assist you in obtaining your Letter of Acceptance from a Canadian Designated Learning Institute because most Canadian universities and colleges recognize it.

Each university has a distinct minimum PTE score requirement in order to accept applicants. However, most Canadian universities typically accept a PTE score between 58 and 73. Therefore, Canada’s PTE runs between 58 to 73.

Conclusion (What Is PTE Exam)

To sum up, We discussed all the concepts of PTE. Now you know, What the PTE exam is, its Types,  fees, structure, and so on. We also discuss many tips on what you should do before or during your test. This blog helps you to solve your doubts related to the PTE Exam.

Q1.Who is eligible to take the PTE exam?

The PTE Academic exam is open to students at least 16 years old, and no specific higher age limit has been published on the official PTE website. In advance, candidates in the 16–18 age range must complete and submit a parental consent form. From the official PTE Exam website, you may download the parental consent form. You can get the parental consent form from the exam website.

Q2. What is the PTE passing score?

PTE scores range from 10-90; no minimum PTE score is required to pass. Candidates with a PTE score of 65 to 75 are said to have a strong chance of getting into prestigious universities.

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