PTE Marks Distribution Chart

PTE Marks Distribution Chart: Understand How Scores Given

In today’s blog, we will discuss how the PTE marks are distributed in PTE speaking, listening, reading, and listening. PTE marks distribution chart shows the candidate’s performance, which is a reliable way to check their English language skills. The PTE score charts evaluate the two types of skills- enabling skills, which include (grammar, spelling, vocabulary, pronunciation, oral fluency, and written discourse,) and the communication skills, like writing, speaking, listening, and reading.

Both skills are included in PTE total score, and you need to work hard on both skills to get a good score in PTE. The PTE exam score ranges from 10 to 90 and is calculated based on the Global scoring scale. Normally, A good PTE score falls in the 70 to 90. With this score, you easily get admission to top institutes. 

This blog will discuss the PTE marks distribution chart, the PTE score range evaluation, and the score comparison between PTE, IELTS, and TOEFL. You can easily know the PTE score by assessing and comparing it with our PTE score chart.

Evaluation Of PTE Marks Distribution Chart 

PTE Marks Distribution Chart
PTE Marks Distribution Chart

Candidates need clarification about what is a good PTE score. Each section of the PTE test, speaking, writing, listening, and reading, has a certain level of excellence, and marks are given accordingly. Candidates can compare the scores based on the PTE score chart. Below is a table that mentions the score and the candidate’s level of excellence so they can easily understand.  

Level of Excellence PTE Academic score 
Limited 30-36
Modest 36-43
Modest 43-50
Competent 50-58
Competent 58-65
Good 65-79
Very Good 79-86
Expert 86-90

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What Do You Mean By PTE Marks Distribution Chart

A PTE marks distribution chart is a visual representation of the distribution of scores that test-takers receive on the Pearson Test of English (PTE) exam. The chart shows the number or percentage of test-takers who scored within different score ranges. The PTE exam is computer-based and uses artificial intelligence to evaluate a candidate’s responses. The PTE score distribution chart provides valuable information for test-takers, educators, and administrators to understand the scores’ distribution and set appropriate performance standards for the test. The PTE marks distribution chart typically includes score ranges and the percentage or number of test-takers who received scores within those ranges. 

How The PTE Score Charts Are Distributed

In this, we will discuss the PTE score charts distribution in Speaking, writing, reading, and listening. 

Speaking Section Score Chart 

Speaking Section Score Chart
Speaking Section Score Chart
Tasks SpeakingReadingListening 
Read Aloud22.222.1
Repeat Sentences 32.119.7
Describe Image 22.2
Re-tell Lecture 11.19.9
Answer Short Questions 2.46.6
Total 9022.136.2

Writing Section Score Chart

Writing Section Score Chart
Writing Section Score Chart
Tasks Writing Reading
Summarize Written Text 10.410.3
Essay 11.2
Reading Section 22.3
Listening Section 46.1
Total 9010.3

Reading Section Score Chart 

Reading Section Score Chart
Reading Section Score Chart
Tasks Reading Writing 
Fill in the Blanks (drag and drop)14.8
Fill in the Blanks (drop-down)22.122.3
Re-order Paragraphs5.8
Multiple Choice – Single Answer1.5
Multiple Choice – Multiple Answers3
Speaking Section22.1
Writing Section10.3
Listening Section 10.4
Total 9022.3

Listening Section Score Chart

Listening Section Score Chart
Listening Section Score Chart
TasksListening WritingReading 
Summarize Spoken Text13.111.9
Multiple Choice – Multiple Answers2.6
Fill in the Blanks6.67.4
Highlight Correct Summary1.31.5
Multiple Choice – Single Answer1.3
Select Missing Word1.3
Highlight Incorrect Words7.98.9
Write From Dictation19.726.8
Speaking Section36.2

So, this is the table of the PTE marks distribution chart.

PTE Vs IELTS Vs TOEFL Score Chart Comparison 

PTE Scores IELTS BandsTOEFL ScoresLevel of Excellence
0 to 300 to 40 to 31Extremely Limited
30 to 344.532 to 34Limited
35 to 41535 to 45Modest
42 to 495.546 to 59Modest
50 to 57660 to 78Competent
58 to 636.579 to 93Competent
64 to 72794 to 101Good
73 to 777.5102 to 109Good
78 to 828110 to 114Very Good
83 to 858.5115 to 117Very Good
86 to 909118 to 120Expert

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How is the PTE Overall Score Calculated?

After knowing the PTE marks Marks distribution chart, you need to understand how the overall score is calculated. PTE score calculation is completed based on the candidates’ results in all the PTE test sections. Also, the PTE scores are calculated based on the candidate’s communicative skills and enabling scores. Below, there is an introduction to the PTE total score calculator. 

Communicative skills: It checks the candidate’s English English language skills like reading, speaking, writing, and listening. The score range of this skill is between 10 to 90.

Enabling Skills:  It checks the candidate’s skill in oral fluency, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and written discourse. Also, this skill score range is between 10 to 90. 

How To Check The PTE Exam Result 

You need to follow these steps to check your PTE exam result. 

  1. Visit the official PTE website (Pearson)
  2. Click on the log-in/ sign-in button at the top of the page in the right corner.
  3. Enter your login details (password and username) to access your PTE account.
  4. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to view your test scores under the view scores tab.
  5. You can download a copy of your score report by clicking on the download PDF button.

How to Send PTE Score Report?

You can follow these steps to send your PTE score report to other institutions. 

  1. Log in to your PTE account on the official website 
  2. Go to the “View Score Reports” section.
  3. Find the test you want to send the score report to and click “Send Scores.”
  4. Choose the institutions or organizations you want to send your score report. 
  5. Please enter the required details of the institutions or organizations, such as their name and address.
  6. Confirm the details and submit your request.

You can also choose to send your scores via mail or fax. You can visit the official website of Pearson website or contact their customer support for more information.

Final Words 

In this blog, we have discussed the PTE marks distribution chart, the evaluation of the PTE score range with the candidate’s level of excellence, and the comparison of PTE, IELTS, or TOEFL scores.  The marks distribution chart can explain test takers’ performance and the exam’s difficulty level. This chart can also help evaluate the candidate’s overall performance, provide information about the test, and measure skills.

One piece of advice for you is to identify your weak areas in high-priority questions based on this scoring system and give more attention to them; it will help you achieve a good score.  I hope you learned many things about the PTE marks distribution chart.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1 What is a good score on the PTE exam? 

A good score on the PTE exam depends on the university and the college you select. But, a score of 65 or higher is generally considered good for studying abroad.

Q2. How long is the PTE Score valid?

PTE marks are valid for only 2 years from the exam date.

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