How To Get 65 In PTE Academic

Best Tips & Tricks On How To Get 65 In PTE Academics

In today’s blog, we will discuss how to get 65 in PTE academics. 

Achieving a 65 or higher score is the most concern of students for getting admission quickly to the top-ranked universities around the world.

PTE Academic test is an English language computer-based test for assessing the language proficiency of students who want to go abroad to study and work. Obtaining a 65 or higher score on the PTE test is a significant achievement and it is achievable with the proper strategy and preparations.

PTE has four modules

  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading

Every Section of PTE is evaluated on a 0-90 scale, and a score of 65 or higher is compulsory to pass the test. A good score helps to get admission to a good university. 

So, Let’s move on to how to get 65 in PTE academics.

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Types Of Questions In The PTE Test

There are different questions in the PTE test listed below. 

Module Question Timing 
Speaking & Writing Personal Introduction
Read aloud
Repeat Sentence 
Describe Image 
Re-tell Lecture
Answer Short Question
Summarize Written Text
54-67 minutes
Reading Reading and Writing: Fill in the blanks
Multiple Choice Questions: Multiple answers
Re-order Paragraph
Reading: Fill in the blanks
Multiple Choice Questions: Single answers 
29-30 minutes 
ListeningSummarize Spoken Text
Multiple Choice Questions: Single answers 
Fill in the blanks
Highlight the correct summary 
Multiple Choice Questions: Multiple answers
Select missing word
Highlight incorrect words 
Write from dictation 
30-43 minutes 

How To Get 65 In PTE Academic

  1. The first step to achieving a good score on the PTE test is understanding the test’s structure. The PTE is divided into four modules: writing, speaking, listening, reading, and using English for academic objectives. It is essential to know the format and what types of questions are asked in every section.
  1. The second step to getting a good score is to practice as much as possible. Practice is an effective way to get aware of the test format and the types of questions. The practice helps to identify your weakness and strengths and also helps to give a strategy for the preparation of the test. 
  1. The third step is to make a strategy and use it properly. Knowing the various strategies that can be used to answer every question. For example, you should read the question carefully and eliminate the wrong answers before choosing the proper answer when answering the multiple-choice questions.

So, these are the steps on how to get 65 in PTE academics.

Tips And Tricks On How To Get 65 In PTE Academic

Studying for the PTE test can be a difficult task. However, you can use several tips and tricks to make the process easier. Firstly, you need to understand the types of questions and the language skills they test in PTE. 

Then practice with the sample questions to know the test format and test your knowledge. Finally, use online resources and study materials to build your skills and also help to prepare for the test.

Here are some other tips on how to get 65 in PTE academic

Speaking Tips 

In the PTE Speaking section, the personal introduction remains unscored. While others, like Repeat sentences, Reading aloud, Re-tell Lectures, and describe images, etc., will be scored. The following tips will be helpful in the PTE speaking section. 

  • When you start reading aloud, you should read clearly and loudly, fearlessly. Your reading speed should be average, and the volume must be good. Speaking quietly or quickly must be affected negatively on the score in this section.
  • If you make any mistake in reading aloud, don’t stop and continue the reading, you carry on and move forward. 
  • Remember time management: Time is crucial in tests, so use the time smartly. Sections like summary and essay writing have only 20 minutes to complete, so here your speed matters. 
  • Note if you stop for more than 3 seconds, your recording will automatically stop.
  • While recording in repeat sentences focus on phrases, words, and sentences. Your responses must have good punctuation and oral fluency in the words.
  • It would be best if you tried to know the image carefully in the section describing the image. The images show some information, and you must record your answers in the microphone. 

Writing Tips 

Writing tips is the second tip on how to get 65 in PTE academics.

In the PTE writing section, candidates need to summarize written text and write an essay. Try to give the answers within the word limit. For example, the writing summary should be in one sentence of 5 to 75 words. Similarly, essay writing contains words between 200 to 300.    

Reading Tips

In the Reading section, questions like re-order paragraphs, multiple-choice, choose a single answer, and multiple answers. The section contains 15-20 questions. For this, candidates have only 32-40 minutes to complete the answers. The following tips will be helpful in the PTE reading section. 

  • Work on your grammatical skills; candidates must answer the questions using contextual and grammatical understanding in the fill-in-the-blank questions. 
  • Read the passage carefully and while doing multiple choice questions, avoid the negative marking.
  • Remember to manage your time. In reading passages, you eat a lot of time. So, develop your reading skills during the time of preparation. 
  • In reordering passages, students must identify the keywords and know the central theme. Every paragraph has some keywords, so identify them and try to reorder the passage.  
  • The candidates can develop their reading skills by reading novels, books, and newspapers daily and practicing such questions. 

Listening Tips

It is the last tip on how to get 65 in PTE academics.

  • In the listening Section, candidates must do questions like highlight correct summary, Summarize spoken text, fill in the blanks, highlight incorrect words, multiple-choice, choose multiple answers, select a missing word, multiple-choice, choose a single answer, and write from dictation.
  • The listening section asks questions from the video and audio clips. The computer will run the video and audio only one time, so listen carefully. The candidates can adjust their volume according to their suitability. 
  • This section contains many questions, so managing time is very important. Use the erasable note board smartly while writing the answers.
  • Try to answer the questions within the word limit given. For example, the word limit in summarizing the spoken text is 50-70. You can use the copy, paste or cut options to complete your answer.  

So, these are the tips on how to get 65 in PTE academics.

General Tips for PTE Exam 

  1. Before attempting any questions in the exam, read all the instructions carefully. 
  2. In the exam, time management plays an important role.
  3. The PTE test is an English language proficiency test. So, a good knowledge of English is very essential.  
  4. Try to improve your grammatical skills and vocabulary.
  5. Develop your reading skills. 
  6. You can practice mock tests to know the exam format and the difficulty level.
  7. Watch the PTE syllabus videos on YouTube. 

Final Words 

In this blog, we have discussed tips and tricks on how to get 65 in PTE academics. Achieving a good score in PTE is a difficult task, requiring much preparation and more practice.

Knowing the structure and creating the proper strategies when answering the questions is more necessary. Follow these tips, which will help you get a good score in PTE.

I hope you learned a lot. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Can I take a break in the PTE exam?

All the students of PTE will have an Optional break for 10 minutes during the exam. This break comes before starting the listening section and ending the reading section. About 10 to 20% of students use this break, but others can’t use them and continue finishing the test.

Q2. What is not permitted in the PTE exam?

You cannot take anything other than your passport into the PTE examination room. Markers, reusable notepads, and a water bottle will be provided to you in the examination room. 


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